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广告宣传你用对词了吗?Have you used the right words in ads?

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Recently, Chongqing Administration For Market Regulation has released 10 typical cases of false advertising, which include many key industries such as cosmetics, medical treatment, food, and real estate. Among them, L'Oreal (China) Co., Ltd. breached the advertising regulation.通告称,重庆某百货有限公司“欧莱雅”专柜公布印刷品广告,虚构使用商品的效果,被责令停止违法行为,并处罚款200,000元。It is reported that a "L'Oreal" counter of a department store in Chongqing issued a printed advertisement with fictional effects of using the goods, was ordered to stop illegal acts and was fined 200,000 RMB.8天奇迹?罚200,000元! 8 Days Miracle? Fined 200,000 RMB! 欧莱雅中国被罚20万 L'Oreal China was fined 200,000 RMB通告称,欧莱雅(中国)有限公司在重庆某百货有限公司“欧莱雅”专柜公布印刷品广告,其内容含有:“8天奇迹、法国碧欧泉8天、肌肤犹如新生愈颜、弹润、透亮源自活源精炼的愈颜力、奇迹水肌底英华露、无论年事、无论肌肤状态、8天肌肤犹如新生、明星达人挚爱之选、众人见证8天奇迹、肌肤问题一并解决、68800人已经见证奇迹水带来的肌肤新生......”等用语。

It is reported that L'Oreal (China) Co., Ltd. issued a printed advertisement on the counter of "L'Oreal" in a department store in Chongqing, which said, “8 days miracle"," after using Biotherm for 8 days, the skin will look fresher and more elastic","Biortherm Life Plankton Essence (Miracle Water), regardless of age and skin condition.After 8 days, the skin will look like new. ","Celebrities' beloved choice.Everyone has witnessed 8 days of miracles and skin problems have been solved together"," 68,800 people have witnessed the skin rejuvenation brought by Miracle Water.."etc.重庆某百货有限公司“欧莱雅”专柜公布的印刷品广告,广告内容虚构使用商品的效果。A printed advertisement issued by the "L'Oreal" counter of a department store in Chongqing. The advertising content is a fictional effect of using the product. 经查明,欧莱雅(中国)有限公司属虚构使用商品的效果,其行为违反了《中华人民共和国广告法》第二十八条第二款第(四)项之划定。凭据《中华人民共和国广告法》第五十五条第一款之划定,2019年6月,重庆市江北区市场监视治理局作出行政处罚,责令当事人停止违法行为,并处罚款200,000元。

It was found that L'Oreal (China) Co., Ltd. had the effect of using goods in a fictitious manner, which violated the provisions of Article 28 (2) (4) of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China. According to Article 55, paragraph 1, of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China, in June 2019, Jiangbei District of Chongqing Administration For Market Regulation imposed administrative penalties, ordered the parties to stop illegal acts, and imposed a fine of 200,000 RMB. 欧莱雅多次被指控公布虚假广告 L'Oreal has been repeatedly charged with false advertising什么是“虚假广告”?虚假广告,指广告内容是虚假的或者是容易引人误解的,一是指商品宣传的内容与所提供的商品或者服务的实际质量不符,另一就是指可能使宣传工具或受宣传影响的人对商品的真实情况发生错误的遐想,从而影响其购置决议的商品宣传。False advertising is the use of false, misleading, or unproven information to advertise products to consumers. The advertising frequently does not disclose its source. One form of false advertising is to claim that a product has a health benefit or contains vitamins or minerals that it in fact does not.其实,这并非欧莱雅首次被指控虚假广告。据法国《快报》2013年3月13日报道,因为太过夸大了欧莱雅Revitalift 10抗皱霜的功效,法国化妆品巨头欧莱雅可能被判处12万欧元的罚金。据悉,欧莱雅此次被指控夸大抗皱美容霜效果,共涉及六种面霜。

In fact, this is not the first time L'Oreal has been charged with false advertising. French media "L'Express" reported on March 13, 2013, French cosmetics giant L'Oreal might be fined 120,000 euros for overstating the effectiveness of L'Oreal Revitalift 10 anti-wrinkle cream. It is reported that L'Oreal was charged with exaggerating the effect of anti-wrinkle cream, involving six types of creams.早在2012年2月,英国广告尺度局(ASA)认定欧莱雅一款抗衰老润肤霜图片,后期电脑修饰过分,夸大了产物的去皱效果,因此克制其在杂志上刊登。As early as February 2012, the British Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) determined that the image of L'Oreal's anti-aging moisturizer was over-modified by the computer and exaggerated the wrinkle removal effect of the product, so it was prohibited from publishing in magazines.欧莱雅中国表现:“公司对此事抱以高度重视,并在第一时间与经办单元举行了努力相同,并立刻接纳措施包罗撤回了所有相关宣传资料,同时对内外部举行全面排查,以保证以后对宣传说话的严谨,做到更精致的把控和对审核制度做进一步优化。”L'Oreal China stated: "The company attaches great importance to this matter, and has actively communicated with the handling unit as soon as possible, and has immediately taken measures including the withdrawal of all relevant promotional materials, while conducting a comprehensive investigation of internal and external issues to ensure the wording of the propaganda will be rigorous in the future so as to achieve finer control and further optimization of the audit system. "对于此次的处罚决议,大部门网友认为有起到一定水平警示作用。


Most of the netizens believe that this punishment decision has played a certain degree of warning. Many consumers commented that "if it is really investigated, there may be a large number of brands fined." This comment has two meanings. First, false advertising especially in cosmetics is common in China market. Second, the exaggerated effect of advertising in the industry seems to be normal. 虚假宣传用语与禁用词 Prohibited phrases to know and avoid欧莱雅的20万处罚只是一个开始,也给品牌和企业们敲响了警钟。品牌和企业们也应该重视起来,相识广告法中的虚假宣传语及克制用词,制止公布虚假广告而收随处罚。L'Oréal's 200,000 fine is just the beginning, and it sounds the alarm for brands and companies. Brands and companies should pay attention to false advertising and know the prohibited phrases in Advertising Law, to avoid false advertising and receiving penalties.新广告法的发表,将这些关乎消费者生活的产物广告,划定了广告用语中不得使用极限词,来诱导消费者举行购置。尤其是化妆品行业,像这类词汇都是不能使用的,详细情况内容如下,我们一起去看看吧。

The issuance of new Advertising Law stipulates that limit words must not be used in advertising language to induce consumers to make purchases. Especially in cosmetics industry, Let's see the words as follows that cannot be appear in cosmetics advertisement.化妆品虚假宣传用语False advertising phrases in Cosmetics特效;高效;全效;强效;速效;速白;一洗白;XX天收效;XX周期收效;超强;激活;全方位;全面;宁静;无毒;溶脂、吸脂、燃烧脂肪;瘦身;瘦脸;瘦腿;减肥;延年益寿;提高(掩护)影象力;Special effect; high efficiency; full effect; strong effect; quick effect; quick white; wash then white; XX days to work; XX cycle to work; super strong; activation; all-round; comprehensive; safety; non-toxic; slimming, thin face, skinny legs, weight loss, prolonging life, improving (protecting) memory;提高肌肤抗刺激;消除;清除;化解死细胞;去(祛)除皱纹;平皱;修复断裂弹性(力)纤维;止脱;接纳新型着色机理永不褪色;Improve skin anti-irritation; eliminate; eliminate dead cells; remove wrinkles; flatten wrinkles; repair broken elastic (force) fibers; stop detachment; never fade with a new coloring mechanism;迅速修复受紫外线伤害的肌肤;更新肌肤;破坏玄色素细胞;阻断(阻碍)玄色素的形成;丰乳、丰胸、使乳房丰满、预防乳房松弛下垂(美乳、健美类化妆品除外);改善(促进)睡眠;舒眠等。Quickly repair skin damaged by ultraviolet light; renew skin; destroy melanocytes; block (prevent) melanin formation; breast enhancement, plump breasts, prevention of sagging breasts (except for beauty milk and bodybuilding cosmetics); improvement (promotion ) Sleeping and so on. 2019新广告法禁用词 Prohibited Phrases of new Advertising Law 2019冒犯新广告法底线,罚款方面20万起步,最高100万元。


Brands and companies offending the bottom line of new advertising law will be fined from 200,000 RMB to 1 million RMB. 与“最”有关 Related to "Most"最、最佳、最具、最爱、最赚、最优、最优秀、最好、最大、最大水平、最高、最高级、最高等、最奢侈、最低、最低级、最低价、最底、最自制、时尚最低价、最盛行、最受接待、最时尚、最聚拢、最切合、最舒适、最先、最先进、最先进科学、最先进加工工艺、最先享受、最后、最后一波、最新、最新科技、最新科学。Most, best, most, favorite, most earning, best, biggest, highest, most luxurious, lowest, lowest, cheapest, lowest price, most popular,most fashionable, most gathered, most consistent, most comfortable, first, most advanced, most advanced science, most advanced processing technology, first enjoyment, last, last round, Latest, latest technology, latest science.与“一”有关 Related to "One"第一、中国第一、全网第一、销量第一、排名第一、唯一、第一品牌、NO.1、TOP.1、唯一无二、全国第一、一流、一天、仅此一次(一款)、最后一波、全国X大品牌之一。First, China's first, the whole network of the first, sales of the first, number one, the only, the first brand, NO.1, TOP.1, unique, first in the country, first-class, one day, just this one (style), the last , one of the top X brands in the country. 与“级/极”有关 Related to "Level/extreme"国家级(相关单元发表的除外)、国家级产物、全球级、宇宙级、世界级、顶级(顶尖/尖端)、顶级工艺、顶级享受、极品、极佳(绝佳/绝对)、终极、极致。

National (except those issued by relevant units), national products, global, universe, world-class, top (top / advanced), top craft, top enjoyment, best, excellent (excellent / absolute), ultimate, ultimate . 与“首/家/国”有关 Related to "First/National" 首个、首选、独家、独家配方、全国首发、首款、全国销量冠军、国家级产物、国家(国家免检)、国家向导人、填补海内空缺。The first, first choice, exclusive, exclusive formula, national debut, first style, national sales champion, national product, national (national inspection-free), national leader, fill the domestic gap. 与品牌有关 Related to Brands 王牌、首脑品牌、世界领先、向导者、缔造者、创领品牌、领先上市、至尊、巅峰、首脑、之王、王者、冠军。Ace, leader brand, lead the world, leader, founder, leading listing, supreme, peak, king, champion. 与虚假有关 Related to False史无前例、前无昔人、永久、万能、祖传、特效、无敌、纯天然、100%。

Unprecedented, unprecedented, permanent, universal, ancestral, special effects, invincible, pure natural, 100%.与欺诈有关 涉嫌欺诈消费者 Related to Fraud点击领奖、恭喜获奖、全民免单、点击有惊喜、点击获取、点击转身、点击试穿、点击翻转、领取奖品涉嫌诱导消费者秒杀、抢爆、再不抢就没了、不会更自制了、错过就没时机了、万人疯抢、全民疯抢/抢购、卖/抢疯了Click to accept the award, congratulations to the award-winning, free order for everyone, surprise click, click to get, click to turn, click to try, click to flip, suspected of inducing consumers to collect their prizes spike, grab explosion, do not grab gone, will not be cheaper If you miss it, there will be no chance, 10,000 people to grab,everyone to grab / buy and sell与时间有关 Related to Time 限时必须详细时间,严禁使用随时竣事、随时涨价、马上降价。今日、今天、几天几夜、倒计时、趁现在、就、仅限、周末、周年庆、特惠趴、购物大趴、闪购、品牌团、精品团、单品团(必须有运动日期)Specific time must to be written on the event. It is strictly forbidden to end at any time, increase prices at any time, and immediately reduce prices.Today, several days and nights, countdown, while now, just, only, weekend, anniversary, special party, shopping party, flash sale, brand group buying, boutique group buying, single product group buying (must have event dates).。