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本文摘要:【20180120大陆】【20190518大陆】Today people are surrounded by advertising. This both affects what people think is important and is a negative impact on peoples lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?大家注意这道题的看法其实分了两个部门,而且这两个部门的联系其实并不精密。


【20180120大陆】【20190518大陆】Today people are surrounded by advertising. This both affects what people think is important and is a negative impact on people's lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?大家注意这道题的看法其实分了两个部门,而且这两个部门的联系其实并不精密。所以我接纳的看法是同意前半部门“affects what people think is important”而阻挡后半部门“is a negative impact on people's lives”。It is argued that advertisements can shape people’s values and modes of consumption, and therefore are harmful to daily life. Although I do agree that advertisements can impact their target customers’ buying behaviour, I do not think they can only exert negative influences.Advertisements have many means to persuade their target audience. For example, they often market the products as something attractive and indispensable, to such an extent that people are made to believe that their lives will be incomplete without them. Celebrities are also invited to endorse the products by appearing in their advertisements, adding their credits and influence to the commodities. Moreover, advertising slogans tend to be persuasive, delivering a message that people are what they buy and possessions are equated with success. Being fully convinced, their target customers tend to consume more, especially the products marketed in the ads.However, such overwhelming influence does not mean the impact advertising exerts can only be negative. Commercials provide useful information about what people need, which would be otherwise difficult to collect. What is more, ubiquitous exposure of a certain product or brand often means that its company is large in scale and trustworthy. This is because, firstly, advertising is anything but cheap, especially if a brand buys prime time on television or invade movies through product placement; and secondly, governments impose strict regulations on ad content. Therefore, in most cases, advertising provides an effective way for consumers to find the products they want.In conclusion, although I agree that advertising campaigns are hugely influential, I believe we can take advantage of ads if we can view them critically. (269 words) 【广告】这个话题下另有两篇范文,都可以免费分享给大家,大家私信学姐就好啦~。