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商务英语写作——求职信Letters of application

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本文摘要:1. 应聘广告上招聘的职位Application for an advertised post Dear Mrs. Jenkinson PRIVATE SECRETARY TO MANAGING DIRECTOR I was interested to see your advertisement in today’s Daily Telegraph and would like to be considered for this post. I have been Sec


1. 应聘广告上招聘的职位Application for an advertised post Dear Mrs. Jenkinson PRIVATE SECRETARY TO MANAGING DIRECTOR I was interested to see your advertisement in today’s Daily Telegraph and would like to be considered for this post. I have been Secretary to the General Manager at Hill Hi Tech Machinery for seven years. As well as various administrative duties, I am required to attend and take minutes at meetings and interviews, deal with callers and correspondence in my employer’s absence, supervise junior staff and other duties. I will gladly explain more in an interview. The kind of work in which your company is engaged particularly interests me, and I would welcome the opportunity it would afford to use my language abilities, which are not used in my present post. My curriculum vitae is enclosed with copies of previous testimonials. I hope to hear from you soon and to be given the opportunity to meet you at an interview. Yours sincerely Jean Carson 2. 经由他人先容而应聘Application using an introduction Dear Mr. Barker Mrs. Phyllis Nash, your Training Manager, has told me that you have a vacancy for a Marketing Assistant. I would like to be considered for this post. As you will see from my enclosed curriculum vitae, I have several A levels as well as secretarial qualifications gained during an intensive one-year course at Walt College of Commerce. I have been Shorthand Typist in the marketing Department of Enterprise Cables Ltd for two years and have been very happy there, gaining a lot of valuable experience. However, I now wish to widen my experience and hopefully improve my prospects. My former headmistress has written the enclosed testimonial and has agreed to give further details should they be needed. My present employer has also agreed to provide further information. I am available to attend an interview at any time. I hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely 3. 应聘销售司理的职位Application for post of Sales Manager Dear Sir I was very interested to see your advertisement for a Sales Manager in yesterday’s D


aily Telegraph. I would like to be considered for this post. My full information is shown on my curriculum vitae, from which you will see that I have had 10 years’ experience in the sales departments of two well-known companies. My duties at Oral Plastics Ltd include training sales staff, dealing with the company’s foreign correspondence, and organizing market research and sales promotion programs. I thoroughly enjoy my work and am very happy here. However, I feel that my experience in marketing has prepared me for the responsibility of full sales management. Ms. Harriet Webb, Sales Manager of my former company, has agreed to provide a reference for me. Her details are shown on my curriculum vitae. I shall be pleased to provide any further information you may need. I hope I may be given the opportunity of an interview. Your faithfully 4. 申请教师职位Application for a teaching post Dear Sir At the end of the present term I shall complete my one-year teacher training course at Garnett College of Education. I am keen to obtain a post at a school or college in the area administered by your authority. From my curriculum vitae, you will see that I have 6 O level and 2 A level passes, as well as advanced qualifications in many secretarial subjects. I have held secretarial positions in the London area for a total of 8 years, during which time I studies for my RSA Shorthand and Typewriting Teachers’ Diplomas. Having enjoyed the opportunity to teach these subjects in evening classes at the Chingford Evening Institute for 2 years, I was prompted to take up a full-time Certificate in Education at Garnett. I am looking forward to pursuing a career in teaching. If there is a suitable vacancy in your authority, I hope you will consider me for it. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at an interview. Yours faithfully 5. 申请数据处置惩罚实习生的职位Application for post of Data Processing Trainee Dear Sir I would like to apply for the post of Management Trainee in your Data Processing Department advertised today in Th


e Guardian. I obtained A level passes in Mathematics, Physics and German at Marlborough College. The College awarded me an open scholarship to Queens College, where I obtained a first in Mathematics and a second in Physics. After leaving university last year I accepted a temporary post with Firma Hollander in order to improve my German and gain some practical experience in their laboratories at Bremen. This work comes to an end in 6 weeks’ time. My special interest for many years has been computer work and I should like to make it my career. I believe my qualifications in Mathematics and Physics would enable me to do so successfully. I am single and would be willing to undertake the training courses away from home to which you refer in your advertisement. My former Housemaster at Marlborough has consented to act as my referee (telephone 00000), as has Dr. W White, Dean of Queens College (telephone 11111). I hope that you will take up these references and grant me the opportunity of interview. Yours faithfully 6. 自荐求职信An unsolicited application Dear Sir I believe that a large and well-known organization such as yours might be able to use my services. For the past 8years, I have been a Statistician in the Research Unit of Baron Ltd. I am now looking for a change of employment that would widen my experience and at the same time improve my prospects. At the University of London I specialized in merchandising and advertising, and was awaRded a PhD degree for my thesis on ‘Statistical Investigation in Research’. I thoroughly enjoy working on investigations, particularly where the work involves statistics. Although I have had no experience in consumer research, I am familiar with the methods employed, and fully understand their importance in the recording for buying habits and trends. I would love to use my services in this type of research and hope you will invite me to attend an interview. I could then give you further information and bring testimonials. I hope to hear from you soon. Yours faithfull